Chin Ups for Beginners – 4 Week Training Plan

pull ups vs chin upsIf you are a beginner in fitness training, performing chin ups would be the last thing on your mind. It’s a true test of strength and endurance.

Nevertheless, it’s not hard to do your first chin up. It takes time and practice just like anything else. Your late muscles are weak and your forearms are not ready to lift your weight yet for the required period of time.

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Set Up a Home Gym with Less Than $100 or Less

I want to commit to fitness but I cannot spare my life savings on a gym membership. Excuses can come in the way, and I don’t want to regret paying for something I cannot redeem. If I set up a home gym, hopefully for less than $200, I can atleast sell them back on craigslist and recover maybe 50 – 75% of the value I spent on these equipment.

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My Latest Workout Routine

After reading through so many online articles, I’m facing the most common virus affecting the majority of our population – INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

I finally decided to get my focus back. Here’s what I plan to do:

  1. Not join the gym – Get a pair of suspension trainers like the Jungle GYM or something.
  2. Start with a fasting diet
  3. Sleep more
  4. Workout 3 days a week
  5. Claim my right on my husband atleast 3 times a week 😉

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Who is Mike Geary?

Reading much into fitness, I keep coming across a fitness program called the Fat Burning Kitchen. It’s written by Mike Geary. If you have come across this tool, let me dispel some mystery on this Mike character. Is he for real?

Who is Mike Geary? One may ask. Well he is an internationally acclaimed personal trainer and health acumen coach, also a fully certified nutrition consultant. At one time in his career as a health trainer, he got some queries from people who wanted to learn more losing tummy fat.

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Diet Pills vs Exercise – Who Wins?

Being a busy mom, I’ve always wondered about shortcuts to staying fit. Who doesn’t? So with regard, I’ve always wondered how diet pills pose against exercise when it comes to losing weight.

Health experts have always been advising exercise with good food to get that lean fit look we all crave for. There always have been numerous products in the market trying to grab the attention of every health buff out there but not all of them stand to their claims. Latest in the line is a new face getting quite popular lately, goes by the name diet pills.

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